Critical Pressure is a virtual biopharmaceutical company developing products to treat vascular dysfunction and shock

About Critical Pressure

Critical Pressure is a virtual drug development company, staffed by senior leaders with extensive experience in the discovery and development of innovative pharmaceuticals. Development of its asset is achieved through engagement of a range of carefully selected service providers with specialist expertise in the key areas required for rapid advancement of the product candidate into the clinic. Critical Pressure expects to begin clinical trials in 2019, and develop its product candidate for the treatment of vascular dysfunction and shock, with initial clinical trials focused on severe sepsis, where current mainstays of supportive therapy are intravenous fluids and vasopressors. 

The Critical Pressure technology has the potential to change clinical practice in this indication by offering the possibility of supportive therapy during the critical period of haemodynamic compromise without the potential harmful effects of excess fluid administration and toxicities associated with the currently available catecholamine-based vasoactive agents.